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The past year has been challenging for all of us: Lockdown, social distancing and widespread uncertainty among the population have shown how incredibly important online communication channels are. Nevertheless, we highly value personal contact with our clients and would still like to be able to offer you the special experience of going to one of our E&V shops and enjoying the first-class Engel & Völkers service. We have sought to combine both and are pleased to present our first purely digital real estate shop: the virtual Engel & Völkers showroom for Greece!

Hamburg - The first virtual showroom in the real estate sector


The Engel & Völkers shop experience: Anywhere and anytime thanks to live chat

The virtual showroom can be conveniently explored via keyboard and mouse or, most spectacularly, with VR glasses on your mobile phone.

The sidebar quickly and easily takes you to the individual rooms:

Click on the interactive dots to get more information or to be redirected to the relevant Engel & Völkers website.

However, all matters relating to real estate, whether buying or selling, naturally require personal, individual advice. These too are provided in the usual quality in our virtual showroom: 

If you have any questions, you can click on the speech bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen or the reception counter to start the live chat. This will not only provide you with further information on the matter in question, but will also direct you, if necessary, to one of our real estate agents, who will be happy to assist you via live chat or video call. Live chats can then be easily saved so that you can resume or continue them at a later time.

We want to offer you access to all our first-class services in our virtual showroom - regardless of your personal location.


Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 12.16.45 PM.png
The Atlanta Braves celebrate their 7-0 victory against the Houston Astros in Game Six to win the 2021 World Series at Minute Maid Park on Nov. 2 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Atlantans rejoice now that the Atlanta Braves have been crowned 2021 World Series Champs. Fans from all over gathered each and every game to cheer on the Braves. What does this mean for Atlanta? The curse has been broken! Claiming the first M.L.B. championship title since 1995 brings much excitement, publicity and more for Atlanta. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 12.16.38 PM.png
Atlanta Braves' Jorge Soler celebrates a three-run home run with Eddie Rosario during the third inning in Game 6 of baseball's World Series between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

“We hit every bump we could possibly hit this year and somehow the car still made it to the other side,” said Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman who homered and drove in two runs in Game 6. “It’s just an incredible group.” (via braves.com) "Now that the last obstacle has been hurdled, the Braves can forever proudly remember the year they overcame significant loss, slayed the Atlanta narrative and celebrated what might be the most satisfying World Series title in franchise history." (Mark Bowman via braves.com)

Halloween: Engel & Völkers’ Style



Each fall season, homes and storefronts embody the spirit of Halloween, using decor and costumes to create uniquely haunting scenes. As the holiday approaches, Engel & Völkers advisors across the Americas have unleashed their inner creative sides, transforming their shops with eerie decor. Take a look and explore your festive (and spooky) side.

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The city of Miami in the sunshine state of Florida is one of the most attractive residential markets in the world. Regarded as the financial capital of Latin America, Miami ranks as the third largest city on the US East Coast, located on the southern tip of Florida, combining a dynamic economy with glamorous living. Miami attracts residents with its tropical climate, dream beaches and cultural diversity. „Miami has seen an unprecedented boom in first class home sales since the start of the pandemic, and there is no sign of a slowdown. As we progressed through 2020, prospective buyers were tempted by open space, warmer climate, and premium luxury amenities. The market for luxury, single family homes and condos saw prices rocket by over 20 percent in the first quarter of 2021. Beyond tax benefits and increased income, Covid-19 strengthened our clients’ desire to relocate and seek domicile in Miami on a permanent basis. Exceptional quality of life and great economical values is contributing to the housing demand. As large finance and tech companies are expanding or relocating to Miami and South Florida from high tax states, we are beckoning a new period of economic growth and prosperity,” says Magnus Jennemyr, Licence Partner at Engel & Völkers Miami Coconut Grove.

Hamburg - (Image source: Engel & Völkers Miami Coconut Grove)

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Discover the treasures of secret Majorca



Majorca’s limestone mountains, spectacular beaches and abundant sunshine make it a firm favourite for holidaymakers. And away from bustling the Palma resorts that might first spring to mind, you’ll find a relaxed haven that few know of – a hidden Majorca. Olive groves give way to rustic villages and sun-drenched vineyards, where you can experience the traditional rhythms of the local lifestyle.

Hamburg - Discover the treasures of secret Majorca

Secluded beaches to unwind

Avoid the crowds at well-known Majorca beaches like Cala Torta and Playa de Muro in favour of hidden hideaways. There are plenty of lesser-known beaches where you can soak up the sun in solitude, one of the best being Cala de Boquer. Positioned four kilometres away from Puero de Pollenca, you can enjoy the views of the Tramuntana mountain range as you hike to this secluded rocky bay with its crystal-clear waters. Another secret Majorca beach to add to your list is Cala Castell, which restricts visitors to just 20 per day. You’ll need to ask for permission before visiting, but the small amount of paperwork ensures you’re likely to have this wild cliffside cove all to yourself – perfect for romantic picnics.


Traditional villages lost in time

Charming villages dot both coastlines and interior, inviting visitors to head back in time to a hidden Majorca. Venture to Valldemossa, once named by composer Frédéric Chopin as the world’s most beautiful place. Tucked away in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, this stone village retains its 13th-century monastery and is surrounded by verdant pine forests. For those interested in indulging in Majorca’s culinary traditions, Binissalem doesn’t disappoint. This sleepy village is located in the heart of a wine growing region, and most Majorca restaurants serve local vintages produced in Binissalem. Dotted with orange trees and saffron-tinted homes, this quaint village also allows visitors to hop between vineyards to sample wine and local delicacies like almond cakes.

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When your own four walls are a challenge, you need a sure sense of your personal needs and the right tips from interior design experts to make the most of living in the smallest of spaces. We will show how to create a pleasant living atmosphere even in a small apartment.

Hamburg - Reducing to the essential creates space. We offer tips for a pleasant living experience even in a small apartment. Learn more in the new blog!


How the personality of the occupant determines the concept

One of the most important recommendations for styling your small apartment is to identify your own needs beforehand. The basic functions of sleeping, cooking and dining areas as well as the bathroom are usually dictated by the floor plan of the apartments or houses. 

However, your home as a whole can only become your own personal domain if your living priorities are also given the space they need. For example, if you practise a hobby within your own four walls, you should make it possible for you to exercise this option. 

To achieve this, it is important to really utilise the entire space, not to leave niches and corners unused and to make full use of the room height. The cupboard can even be as high as the ceiling. To this end, also consider investing in custom-made shelves if you own the property, for example to utilise the space under a sloping roof. Wall cupboards also optimise the use of available space.

If, for example, the yoga mat is needed several times a week, foldable or wheeled furniture is perfect, which can simply be moved to the side temporarily without much effort. We also recommend the use of practical rolling boards, such as those used for flower pots, to flexibly create free spaces.

Modular technology and multifunctionality

Many furniture manufacturers are now focusing on the development of innovative modular lines that can be flexibly adapted to the limited possibilities of small apartments. In the interests of sustainability, this also allows adding on when moving to a more spacious home.

Smartly designed furniture can be adapted to lifestyles by offering the advantage of multifunctionality. One example is the classic sofa bed. It can be used for several living and leisure activities, for example as a relaxing place to sit, a reading corner or a TV armchair in the evening, and can be converted into a place to sleep at night with little effort. Often, these versatile sofas also offer indispensable storage space in the form of an unobtrusive bed drawer.

Less is more

A small room quickly looks cluttered and cramped. A clear strategy for the furnishings, colour concept and lighting can solve this problem.

It almost goes without saying that the individual pieces of furniture should be light and smaller in size rather than heavy and bulky. As far as the choice of colours for the walls and textiles is concerned, white and light, natural colours are more likely to convey lightness and a feeling of openness than dark, oppressive tones. However, interior design professionals also know how to use contrasts in small rooms. They use darker colours to set accents and thus create the impression of spatial depth. 

The combination of modern wallpapers with three-dimensional art prints can also create a special aesthetic. Placed selectively, they are a suitable style element to visually expand the room.

Do not underestimate the importance of the lighting concept. This applies to all rooms, but small rooms need light and brightness all the more. Ceiling lamps and wall luminaires are well suited for this purpose; bulky and space-consuming free-standing luminaires should be avoided. 

Bring nature into the home

What should not be missing, however, even in the smallest of spaces, are your favourite flowers and green plants. A fresh bouquet on the table lifts the mood and ambience. Evergreen indoor companions, perhaps positioned harmoniously as room dividers or as eye-catchers in a corner, are good for the indoor climate and promote peace and serenity after a hard day's work.

We have another useful tip for you: Small spaces need to be kept tidy! Untidiness ruins the atmosphere in your home. Everything lying around takes away your living space and spoils the ambience. A small apartment thus encourages you to concentrate on the essentials. It can even inspire you to part with the unnecessary. We often feel overburdened by work and everyday life and long for more simplicity and a clear structure. In this way, a smaller apartment can develop a special charm through its minimalist nature, which opens up an inner sense of lightness and creativity. 

GG Magazine Explores Great Britain


The latest issue of GG Magazine is now available. Explore this season’s edition of your global guide dedicated to Britain’s coolest cultural contributions.

As Engel & Völkers enters the U.K. market, this season’s issue is known as “The Cool Brit Issue” — introducing you to several world-famous British stars at the top of their game.

Meet acclaimed actor Idris Elba who is now a contender for the next James Bond, and catch up with Nick Jones, founder of the international members’ club Soho House. Also covered are luxury carmaker Rolls-Royce’s ambitious plans to build the world’s fastest electric aircraft and Chris Hanley’s incredible Invisible House. And as usual in every issue, you can look forward to industry news from Engel & Völkers CEO, Sven Odia.

The Cool Operator

Whatever Idris Elba sets out to do looks easy. It’s this effortlessness that makes him irresistible. The British actor also has multidimensional talents. Besides acting he produces, directs, writes, and composes. He is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador, kickboxer, racing driver, rapper, singer, and D.J. Simply, he is always on a mission.

Upwards of certain budget sizes, there are unwritten rules in the movie industry. One of these is that actors are not allowed to display their talents across too wide a spectrum, but are typecast instead. This rule no longer applies to Idris Elba. Long before campaigns like #OscarSoWhite or the debates around diversity in Hollywood, Elba embodied roles for which non-white actors had rarely been hired up to that point. For many years, Idris Elba has been touted as Daniel Craig’s successor in the role of 007 to become the first “Black Bond.” It’s a rumor fans and journalists are so excited about that they still ask Elba for a comment at every possible opportunity, leading his publicists to request would-be interviewers politely to please not bring up that particular topic.

I don’t consider myself a ‘Black’ actor. I’m an actor, not a number.

Idris Elba

Elba has previously confirmed how much he would have liked the part, but that it had never in fact been offered to him. He admitted how much this bothered him in an interview with Vanity Fair two years ago. Elba said it was disheartening to be told by the old guard in the industry that it wouldn’t work and to realize that it was really all about the color of his skin. “And then if I get [the job] and it didn’t work, or it did work, would it be because of the color of my skin?” He concluded that it was a difficult position to put himself into when there was no real need to. Today, at the age of 49, he is, presumably, too old to be James Bond. But who knows? Maybe he will be able to override this rule, too. 

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